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The virtual world has more power and importance in 21st century for anything and everything. From businesses to personal relationship everything has become dependent to virtual world. With the rise in the need and demand of software development, website designing and other such tools there have been immense development of this industry with many software development companies and website development companies entering every day. Not every new entrant is able to fulfill the best software development services or other services like SEO, internet marketing etc. as per the need of the client, and hence many open while many shuts down too and that is how this industry has its own tactics of success. Each software has its software framework which needs to be in tact with the client’s expectation as well as needs, be it programming software, soft wares for schools and educational institutes, medical software etc.

Amongst the pool of players, it is Aestus technologies a software development firm which is delivering its services to its national and international clients consistently. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this company has various services like,

  • Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing

–           The prime motto with which the team working for development of Internet marketing works is promotion of brands (Of their clients), increase in the customer’s preference for that brand and finally rising the sales of that particular product.

–           The team involves their years of experience and many marketing techniques in doing this, and thus their end results show deliverable.

  • Search Engine Optimization (Including SMM and SMO)

–           Aestus team makes sure that your SEO ripens utmost benefits for your company.

–           They give more weightage to the basics first and see to it before jumping right to the product development that whether the basics are correct or not.

–           Combining SEO with any website is not a task of an expert, hence the team of this company learns that whether the website of their client is made as per the rules of SEO or not. If not, then it will never be optimized with the SEO tool and implanting SEO will be an unnecessary expense.

–           Aestus technologies put in both on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization techniques into implementation while introducing a SEO tool to their client’s websites.

  • Website designing

–           Depending on the segment of the business, team gives more weightage to the content or design and layouts of the website.

–           They strongly believe the fact that it is content in fact clear, simple and explainable content that draws attention of the users and not only the designing and layout of the website.

–           Team makes sure that they not only make a website, but build web portal which grabs attention of the potential customers.

  • Web developing

–           Aestus technologies offer an extremely user-friendly web application as per your demand and needs.

–           It has its expertise in content management system as well as all the features which enable your web portal to have acceptance of online payments along with the security option enabled.

It has an expertise team which dedicated operates in each field. The company gives immense weightage in understanding the customer’s need and thus developing a product at a reasonable cost and deliverable results.


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